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YUHUA UNITED Intellectual Property Law Firm (“YUHUA UNITED” for short), founded by a group of experienced and dynamic patent attorneys, is an intellectual property agency established under the authorization of SIPO and SAIC. Aiming to provide its clients around the globe with extraordinary quality and reasonable charges, YUHUA UNITED specializes in patent application prosecution, invalidation, litigation, licensing, searching, and other IP issues in China.

 YUHUA UNITED has a team of well-trained patent attorneys and paralegals who have been working together for a long time. Thus from the very beginning, YUHUA UNITED has formulated an effective and mature management system to guarantee prompt and accurate response to clients’ requirements and ordered working procedures. The team of YUHUA UNITED can provide services in various technical fields, such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunication, computer, material engineering, chemical engineering, life science, pharmaceutics, etc. YUHUA UNITED serves a variety of domestic and overseas clients, ranging from multinational corporations to medium and small-sized enterprises and individuals.

 The professional team of YUHUA UNITED has not only had a notable performance in handling inbounding and outbounding patent applications, but also successfully represented clients in invalidation cases and infringement cases. In particular, the team of YUHUA UNITED has achieved a nearly 80% success rate in over 40 patent invalidation cases in the years past.

Why select us?

Well-established Management System 

YUHUA UNITED is established by a group of professionals who have been working together as a team for many years. Thus from the very beginning YUHUA UNITED has formulated a mature management system that has been proved as effective and efficient in practice.

Dynamic & Experienced Team 

YUHUA UNITED has a team of professionals who have worked in the IP field for years. Energized and experienced, our attorneys can provide excellent work in all aspects of intellectual property, including patent drafting, prosecution, invalidation, and infringement litigation, as well as licensing, searching and consulting. In particular, the attorneys of YUHUA UNITED are able to find the core of an invention from diverse technical details, and provide the best solution for the clients based on the legal stipulations. 

High Quality of Drafting and Translation 

YUHUA UNITED is particularly focused on the quality of drafting (for domestic clients) and translation (for oversea clients), so as to secure the clients’ interests to the maximum. With reasonable workload and rich experiences, the attorneys of YUHUA UNITED are competent to draft or translate the application text in a favorable-to-the-client’s manner in various technical fields, such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunication, artificial intelligence, material engineering, new energy resources, chemical engineering, life science, and pharmaceutics, etc. 

Mature Procedural Management 

It cannot emphasize the importance of procedural management too much for an IP law firm. Based on years of practices, YUHUA UNITED has adopted a mature and efficient procedural management from the beginning. Under the guidance of the system, procedural steps such as docketing, filing, reporting, and deadline monitoring & reminding, can be performed in a good order, ensuring zero risk concerning deadline, documents and official fees. 

Extraordinary Experience in Oversea Filing 

The team of YUHUA UNITED has accumulated extraordinary experience in oversea filing. YUHUA UNITED has established a wide range of connections with many reputable IP law firms around the world. Not only in US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, YUHUA UNITED also has quite a few reliable partners in Middle East, East Europe, Africa and North America. No matter where the client seeks for IP protection, YUHUA UNITED can find renowned local attorneys to provide pertinent advices and excellent services. 

Reasonable and Competitive Charges

 While guaranteeing the high quality of services, YUHUA UNITED always offers reasonable and competitive charges. Based on abundant experiences in handling domestic and oversea applications, YUHUA UNITED can precisely realize how to reduce the costs but at the same time still maintain service quality unchanged. In addition, YUHUA UNITED would be glad to offer flexible and negotiable charges to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

 Bearing in mind the philosophy of “making perfection more perfect”, YUHUA UNITED will invariably be dedicated to bringing more stable, effective, and value-added IP protection to clients. It will certainly be a great pleasure and honor of YUHUA UNITED to continue providing clients this assurance of quality service in the days to come.